We believe God answers prayer!

But more than receiving the answers we want from our prayers, we believe we encounter God’s power and presence through prayer.

We are learning to become a praying church, and each year we embark on a journey together as a faith family called 21 Days of Prayer. 21 Days of Prayer recenters our hearts on seeking God first and trusting him with our deepest needs. But, we also learn that God wants us to know him more deeply through prayer. You can access all the resources for 21 Days of Prayer here.

God loves to hear his people pray, and he loves to speak through prayer. If you need prayer, please let us know.

If you access the prayer wall, you can pray for others. The great thing about the prayer wall is that when you pray, the person needing prayer will be encouraged because when you click “I prayed for this”, they’ll be notified that someone just prayed for their need.