Prayer Wall

Pray for each other.

We believe God hears us and answers our prayers.

Instead of prayer being seen as a checklist for God, let’s focus on encountering God’s presence in prayer! He wants us to spend time with Him and build a relationship. We can then, share our heart desires and requests to Him.

The below prayer wall is a tool we can use to pray for each other! We aren’t to bare burdens alone, so we invite you to use this wall to lift up other’s requests and share your needs as well. Together, our church can grow in unity and strength in our prayer life.

As a bonus, the individual requesting prayer can see each time their need is prayer for, again encouraging each other in this prayer journey.

You may add your prayer need to our prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayer need is received, we will share it according to your instructions. Feel free to submit as many prayer needs as you like!

I prayed for this

Prayed for 4 times.

Bayside Prayer Team

Please pray for Janine Barton - she is having a bad reaction to a new medication that her doctor has prescribed for her.

Received: April 19, 2024

I prayed for this

Prayed for 14 times.

Nikki Voiles

Please be in prayer for Saydee Low and her family. She has a brain lesion that is on the main connection point for her brain and spinal cord and it has started to cause problems with her speech and sight. She had surgery this week to biopsy the tumor so they could get guidance on their next steps. The results should be in next week. Saydee is the daughter to some friends of ours from college. She is 11 years old and knows there is a lot going on right now but she doesn't know the extent of it just yet.

Received: April 12, 2024

I prayed for this

Prayed for 16 times.

Chad Wooten

Please be in prayer for our 12 year old son Austin. He was diagnosed with Juvenile arthritis a few months back. With the medication he is on, we have to periodically do check ups for his eyes. Today they found two spots on his left eye they think could be inflammation caused by the arthritis. We are believing for a miracle!

Received: April 11, 2024

I prayed for this

Prayed for 19 times.

Lynn Porter

Pray for both Freddie & Dale Hillard who lost their daughter Lindsey!️️

Pray for Tip and Gayla Oxford in the loss of their son in law!

Both families will need pray for a few months!️️

Received: April 10, 2024

I prayed for this

Prayed for 17 times.


My bank has frozen my account and I can't pay bills or buy anything. I need to have a way to survive and have the bank to unfreeze my account. Please pray that this is resolved quickly.

Received: April 7, 2024

I prayed for this

Prayed for 22 times.

John & Diana Hunsaker

Please pray for our family as Diana's mother went to Heaven earlier this week. Her funeral services were held on Wednesday in West Virginia.

Received: April 7, 2024

I prayed for this

Prayed for 20 times.

Bayside Prayer Team

Lindsay Klinkerfuss is having gallbladder surgery on 4/9.

Received: April 3, 2024

I prayed for this

Prayed for 22 times.

Bayside Staff

Please pray for Mrs. Rose Mullins who has cancer. She is the mother-in-law of Robin Morris' sister.

Received: April 1, 2024

I prayed for this

Prayed for 47 times.

Dale & Freddie Hilliard

Please pray for our family in the days and weeks to come because of the passing of our daughter Lindsey. She’s spending Easter with Jesus.

Received: March 31, 2024

I prayed for this

Prayed for 19 times.


Please pray that the LORD helps me though the trials I am going through and that He provides for my spiritual and material needs and healing for my backsliding and health.

Received: March 30, 2024

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